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Acting Bio

I was born in South Carolina, the eldest child of a US Marine Corps drill instructor. We left before I could develop a southern accent.

As a child I lived in Harrisburg, where I learned not to lose my keys; Youngstown, where I learned that I like to be on stage; Garden Grove where I learned that theme parks are way cooler with friends; Kailua, where I learned a touch of salt makes fruit taste sweeter, especially citrus; and Oceanside where I learned that audiences liked me on stage too.

After graduating high school I went far, far, away, to study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge Massachusetts. I majored in computer science when I discovered the computer labs were slightly less odorous than the chemistry labs, and besides I could do most of the work without leaving my dorm room.

The course load at MIT did not leave enough time to pursue other interests but I did’t let that stop me. While at MIT I was an active member of the Shakespeare Ensemble, performing in several of their productions, as well as the music director for the student-run MIT Marching Band.

Four mind-numbing and painful years later I was officially a baccalaureate and desperately looking to do something entirely different. So with two of my dearest friends, I packed sixty pounds of gear on a twenty pound bicycle and headed west.

Four thousand six hundred miles, seventy-two days, and some ridiculous tan lines later I was on the California coast and settling in to start a respectable career as a software engineer.

The respectable career gimick lasted about only a few years. I wanted to act and the job kept getting in the way. I was lucky enough to already be in Los Angeles where lots of professional actors lived and worked, so I joined them.

My time in LA has been blessed by some amazing teachers and wonderful colleagues. I have come a long way and I have a lot more to look forward to for myself and the wonderful people I’ve had the privilege to meet and work with.