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Big blind special

There is a min-raise from middle position. The small-blind calls. I make a very loose call with 62o in the big blind.

The flop is exactly what I was hoping for, J22.

I check and it’s checked around.

The turn is a K. I don’t want to risk another diamond, so I bet $8 and hope someone has a king. Middle position calls.

The river is a 4. I bet $18 this time, and middle position raises all-in $49 more.

I have to call $49 to win $110. Nothing makes sense here. I think he has a 2, but if he does he gave two chances for the diamond to come and kill his action if not take his pot.

Pocket fours is an unlikely call on the turn, especially since he didn’t bet the flop.

Pocket jacks is unlikely all around.

K4 is possible, although it’s a strange hand to min-open-raise with.

I call. He has A2s. I really don’t know if I could ever fold in that situation. I do know I should avoid that situation.