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Day Eight: West Virgina

7 hours. -$247.

West Virginia only legalized “table games” very recently. This particular card room had been open about a month when I got there.

Until only a few weeks ago, there were no commercial card rooms in over a 600 mile radius. Given that, I assumed I’d be up against players who had never played in a public room before.

I expected to see home game players who think their skills against seven or eight of their buddies would be just as useful against strangers.

I expected to se people who effectively didn’t play poker a month ago. It’s always nice to have newcomers in LA rooms, but they are usually scared off because it’s obvious they are the only ones who aren’t familiar with the procedures or mechanics of the game. But in a brand new market like this, nearly all the players would be new.

Well, I saw all of these types of players. Interestingly, none of them played the way I thought they would. I should remember this is often the case and be more careful about depending on stereotypes.

In the end I had more bad luck than good luck and left with a loss. I’m actually relieved, glad to have a moderately inexpensive reminder that I don’t always win.