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Day two: Mindless Genius

I open for $6 from the cutoff with black sixes. The small blind, another loose-passive player calls. The flop is a

  1. I bet $10 and he calls. This means nothing.

Turn is a Q, completely irrelevant. I bet $26, but the loose-passive player min-check-raises me to $52.

I should probably give some thought here to what he has. A minimum checkraise from a passive player means something. I probably would have figured it out if I thought about it. But I didn’t think about it. I had bottom set against a loose player, so I raised his last $93.

The possible hands for the villain here are 8T for the flopped straight, a flopped overset (77 or 99), any two pair (flopped or turned), and maybe JT for the straight draw. Only 77, 99, and JT are reasonable preflop calls, but this guy can call with anything.

In this case he has the least likely possibility, 69o. A nine comes on the river.

Bad beat: -160.