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Days Six and Seven: New Town, New Players, Same Money

Day Six: 6 hours, +$477.

Day Seven: 10 hours, +77.

I’m traveling, playing at rooms I’ve never played in before, in a town I’ve never been to before.

The first thing that strikes me is how much different the players are. Even though the stakes are very similar the level of play is incredibly lower. Hopefully, I can talk about the differences in play more in depth later.

The adjustments were difficult for me, and took it a while but I was able to make them. After that play on day six was like operating a printing press from the US Mint. Just that easy.

Day seven was like coming back to the same printing press and finding out that it only printed Monopoly money. I was card dead the entire day. Luckily the characteristics of the table made it correct for me to loosen up the way I usually do when on bad-card-tilt. In addition, I managed to short-circuit the part of my brain that thinks I can substitute aggression for good cards. Those two factors allowed me to squeeze out a profit on the day.

Meanwhile, I watched a friend get lucky on a horrible play early on day seven to double his stack. A large stack removed his fear of being stuck and gave him the confidence to think he could intimidate people. The result was that played very aggressive and very well; increasing his stack size and giving him more confidence, which made him to play even better. When we had to leave he picked a thousand dollars in profit.

I’m both very proud and very jealous.