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Engine 28 reviews Pulp Shakespeare

Kerry Lengel interviewed the director of Pulp Shakespeare:

Sex and spatter are also key to the appeal of Pulp Shakespeare, which transforms Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction into an Elizabethan tragedy. It started out, in, of all places, on, where a page dubbed “Pulp Bard” crowdsourced the rewrite.

Director Jordan Monsell made some changes of his own for his Fringe version, produced under the moniker Her Majesty’s Secret Players.

“The through-line for both Tarantino and Shakespeare is interesting characters who like to talk a lot,” says Monsell, whose current reading list includes Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Slayer.

“The underlining themes in Shakespeare are love and death and betrayal,” he says. “He really knew the human psyche, and that’s immortal.”

We had an awesome show tonight and another full house so buy your tickets now.