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Petrified Forest Reviews

For once I didn’t read the reviews of a show I was in, but that also means I didn’t share them – until now.

The story takes on a dark tone when a quartet of gun toting gangster thugs turn up, holding the others captive. They are played by a tough George Tovar (in the Bogart role), an animated David Mingrino, Damien Burke, and Roger Payano.

– Tolucan Times

… high-stakes drama that is surprisingly still relevant and as wildly entertaining today as it must have been in 1935 when it was written… top-notch theatrical entertainment.

– Life in LA

The Petrified Forest endures because it has it all: romance, suspense, danger, sex and even a little politics. A fantasy of the highway, it unfurls like a dream of a still-untamed corner of the American West.

Broadway World

The story has an incredible denouement, with all actors, an amazing ensemble of 18, each one gifted in his\her own right, and at a level always expected from the productions at Theatre West. This cast has done a great service to the playwright’s brilliant, and at times, intense story.

– Examiner