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Pulp Shakespeare opening

I will be stage-managing “Pulp Shakespeare” when it opens tomorrow to a sold-out house at the Actor’s Circle Theatre. Ten-dollar preview tickets are still available for Sunday at 7pm, after that tickets go up to $15. Buy your tickets now before they sell out.

There is also time to become a patron of Her Majesty’s Secret Players and earn the prestige and swag that patrons of the arts deserve.

“Pulp Shakespeare” at the Actor’s Circle Theatre, 7313 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90046. June 11th at 8pm, June 12 at 7pm, June 18 at 11pm, June 10 at 7pm, June 24 at 7pm, June 25 at 11pm, and June 26 at 3pm. Tickets available at the Hollywood Fringe website.