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The first day of the rest of my life

322 hands. 1.55 hours. -$15.15

I’m back after a twenty-seven day tilt-induced hiatus. I’ve turned over a new leaf, I’m determined to be more disciplined, and more focused. Yet already I hate poker again.

But that’s the tilt-demon talking and I don’t have to listen to him. I know how to beat the tilt demon now. We’ll cover that in another post and another time.

Lots of interesting things happened in the past 90 minutes. Hopefully I’ll get a chance later today to do some post-mortem on the session and learn some interesting things. For now I have to limit myself to some overview.

I played three tables total. At the first one I played 147 hands winning $390. At the second one, mostly simultaneously, I played 87 hands, and lost $381. At the third table I played 51 hands, and despite not getting any hands managed to lose $24.

Over the course of 93 minutes, the difference between the two tables was $771. Both tables were soft. I was same player, playing both at the same time. Yet on one I managed a big win and the other a big loss. Somehow I feel like that should convince me there is a lot about this game that is out of my hands.

Just like no-limit poker is dominated by big runs, it’s also dominated by big pots. I won four pots over $50, that totaled $486. I lost five pots over $50 that totaled $450. For pots over $100 I won two for $317 and lost one for $184. You’ll here more about that one later.

I’m back in he saddle.