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"Tiger Tiger Burning Bright" Opens at the Stella Adler on April 14

From the press release:

“Tiger Tiger Burning Bright” (1962) is set in New Orleans at midcentury. It is the story of a troubled family. Although the family is Black, its conflicts are not race specific (as was noted by the New York Times review of the play’s original Broadway production). It is about what occurs when dreams become delusions, sometimes through deliberate design.

They’re not destitute. In fact, their home is nearly paid off. Clarence ostensibly works for the telegraph company, achieving a series of advancements in pay. In point of fact, his money comes from somewhat more sinister activities, not unrelated to his good looks.

Mama is the old-fashioned matriarch of the family. She is in perpetual mourning for son George, reported to have been killed during his military duty.

Clarence’s younger brother, Dan, wants to marry Adelaide, the lovely local girl who is regularly around their home. But Adelaide has an eye for the better looking Clarence.

His kid sister, Cille, has a gift for seeing right through things to the heart of what they really are. It comes with a price, as she is afflicted with horrible migraines.

Stirring up the stew are their two new neighbors: Celeste, who also notices Clarence; and Dewey, who takes an immediate shine to Cille. There’s also the corrupt local preacher, who has a terrible hold on Clarence.

It’s a family held together with a web of deceptions and lies. When truths become known, can the family survive? Clarence is a young man on the brink: Will his current course destroy him, or is there hope for a life beyond what’s he always known? Can Adelaide redeem him? (In a twist, if she can redeem him, it would be with the love of a bad woman, rather than the love of a good one.) What will they all do?

Peter S. Feibleman is the playwright. He wrote the play “Cakewalk,” about his romance with the much older Lillian Hellman. He also wrote the feature film “Ensign Pulver,” and contributed to the screenplay of “Reds.” He wrote episodes of the TV series “Columbo” and several novels, including “A Place Without Twilight,” “Daughters of Necessity,” and “Strangers and Graves.”

Sam Nickens directs. He has helmed a number of shows for Upward Bound Productions, including last season’s critically acclaimed “The Good Negro,” “No Place to Be Somebody,” and “The Awakening.”

His cast for “Tiger Tiger Burning Bright” includes (in alphabetical order) DeShawn Barnes, Damien Burke, Barika Croom, Carl Crudup, Janai Dionne, Gilbert Hancock, Regina Randolph, Richard Reliford and Collin St. Die.

Stage Manager: Cary Thompson. Sound design: Sam Nickens. Wardrobe: Naila Aladdin Sanders. Lighting: Mylika Davis.

“Tiger Tiger Burning Bright” explores what it means for a man and a family to live with the truth rather than what seems comfortable.

WHAT: “Tiger Tiger Burning Bright.” A play.
WHO: Written by Peter S. Feibleman. Directed by Sam Nickens. Presented by Upward Bound Productions.
WHERE: Stella Adler Theatre, on the main stage, 6773 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90028. Low-priced validated parking is available at the nearby Hollywood and Highland center.
WHEN: April 14- May 22,2011. Thurs.-Sat. at 8, Sun. at 3.
ADMISSION: $20. Seniors, students, members of performing arts unions (with ID.), groups of eight or more, $10 (Use promotional code “BEST”). RESERVATIONS: (323) 960-7740.

Publicist: Philip Sokoloff
PO Box 94387
Pasadena CA 91109-4387

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